New Monmouth, N.J. -- It's summertime and for homeowners that means staying cool any way you can. From pool parties and squirt guns to sprinklers and ice pops, families will be doing what it takes to beat the heat. But think of the floors before you grab the hose, says SMART Carpet and Flooring.

"Floors see a lot of foot traffic during the summer," said Brendan Phillips, SMART Carpet and Flooring founder and president. "Kids are out of school, friends and family are visiting, and everyone is constantly in and out of the house--often with wet feet. Fortunately, that doesn't have to mean floor damage, thanks to the waterproof flooring available today."

SMART Carpet and Flooring's top pick for 100% waterproof flooring: SONO, a German-engineered hard floor that's free of PVC, formaldehyde, phthalates, plasticizers and other compounds that can be harmful in plastic products. A new kind of laminate flooring, SONO is as durable as it is gentle.

Available in 26 high-end wood and stone patterns designed to complement any décor or style, SONO is a zero-waste, earth-friendly flooring choice, as evidenced by its GreenGuard Gold and Blue Angel certifications. And just as importantly, these floors are kept beautiful year-round with nothing more than regular sweeping and damp swiffering.

SONO is easily installed by a professional installer, and the flooring's composite core keeps it from expanding or contracting even in conditions like high heat or humidity. SONO can even provide sound absorption.

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