Aspecta sees rapid growth within the commercial marketplace as a clear indicator the industry is embracing the luxury vinyl tile (LVT) product category. Here’s why.

There’s been a movement in the hospitality industry to replace carpet in guest rooms with LVT. How fast is this category growing and what factors are driving this?

The opportunity for LVT in hospitality and other sectors is growing exponentially as its myriad benefits over soft surface gain acceptance. Health and hygiene issues (such as potential VOCs and a product that is hard to keep clean) are the key reasons to move away from carpet. Also, the speed of installation on floating LVT floors versus carpet is a factor. Beyond guest rooms, LVT is also being placed in public areas, such as lobbies, corridors, hotel bars and restaurants, and increasingly in retail and education environments.

What are the main qualities of LVT that make it preferable to carpet?

LVT flooring has a relatively lower potential for VOCs and mold or mildew issues when compared to soft surface floors. LVT maintenance is easier and less costly, and it wears better over time in heavy traffic areas. From a design standpoint, hard surfaces--LVT in particular--fit into the more Euro-contemporary look that is popular in commercial interiors. Inlays and patterns can easily be created using LVT to create unique motifs, or wayfinding designs that help direct traffic.

How does LVT help meet sustainability requirements and goals?

LVT helps to meet sustainability/environmental objectives because it can last twice as long if it is a high-quality, commercially rated product. Replacing LVT flooring every 12 years instead of every 6 years (the average replacement cycle for some hotels) is a more sustainable option through the reduction of waste. The ease of maintenance is another factor. Low-maintenance flooring products like LVT require little water to maintain and do not need harsh chemicals to keep clean. Waxes, strippers, and sealers are not required for LVT floors, which results in much lower water consumption and much less contamination of ground water sources versus other flooring products.

An increasing number of LVT manufacturers are seeking third party sustainability certifications as well. Over 200 products in the three Aspecta collections have been issued Declare labels in six languages. A transparency platform and product database that is changing the materials marketplace, Declare labels are analogous to the nutrition labels on packaged foods. Aspecta was the first manufacturer to issue a Declare label for rigid core flooring, leading the way in transparency for the resilient flooring industry. The company has also posted Health Product Declarations v2.1, Environmental Data Sheets, and third-party certifications such as FloorScore and NSF/ANSI 332. All are searchable on mindful MATERIALS (hosted by Origin) and on Aspecta’s manufacturing facility also recently received a JUST label for social responsibility, the first ever achieved by a Chinese facility.

How does LVT complement the trending commercial interior design looks?

With trends moving to more contemporary looks in interiors and furniture, LVT is the perfect fashion alternative because it imitates other hard surfaces like ceramic tile while providing designers with unique design choices: for example, natural color for stones and intense rich colors for dramatic effect. Natural textures are an important part of the design selection, and the Aspecta commercial LVT range makes embossing a part of the design process to achieve heightened realism. LVT designs can provide warm visuals that resonate, so guests feel comfortable – whether in hospitality, retail, office, or education/institution settings.

How can customization factor in flooring?

Customization is always an important option for some specifications, especially exclusive high-end projects--but it is also a time-consuming and costly process, especially for larger projects. Aspecta found an alternative way to achieve a custom look without all the hassle through the new Aspecta One Ornamental collection. Using existing sizes and colors from Aspecta One, three new overlay motifs give designers a custom capability that can fit within their timelines and budgets.

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