Jessup, Md. -- Libraries have always been the storehouses of knowledge. But times are changing, and the modern library is not so much a place where books are found as it is a nexus of technology. Computers, the internet, and incredible new advancements such as 3D printers have rocketed libraries to the forefront of an ongoing technological evolution. Additionally, libraries are increasingly being utilized as community gathering spaces, in need of both open communal space as well as private rooms. With these changing demands from both patrons and the culture at large, and the infrastructure demands that come with them, it's vital that modern libraries be flexible, and capable of growing, adapting, and upgrading to meet these needs to stay relevant in the modern information age.

Tate has seen a growing number of libraries turning to access flooring, and underfloor service distribution (UFSD) to help them meet these needs and stay relevant in the modern information age. By creating a void under the access floor which can be used for both data and power cabling and underfloor air distribution (UFAD), new technology-heavy libraries are better able to manage their cable clutter. Additionally, with more patrons bringing their own electronic devices to use in the library, UFSD allows for the easy reconfiguration of electrical outlets and data ports as needed. At the same time, UFAD provides energy efficient cooling with better air quality by using natural convection to move air from the floor to the ceiling. The reconfigurability of an access floor can also reduce a library's cost and time associated with changing spaces or technology in the future.

Across North America, libraries are embracing access flooring as the best solution for their infrastructure needs. And, because of the wide range of finishes that Tate can provide straight from the factory and ready for installation, the stereotypical image of the drab and stodgy library is quickly being replaced with an ultra-modern look and feel.

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