The Xaar 2001+ printhead with High Laydown (HL) Technology ensured Xaar enjoyed a highly successful Ceramics China 2018. A number of Xaar OEM partners at the show displayed printers containing the solution, underlining its continuing growth in popularity. More and more ceramic tile manufacturers around the world choose to adopt the printhead because it enables them to offer more creative designs than ever before. Visitors to Xaar's stand in Guangzhou, China were also able to inspect eye-catching tile samples decorated using the printhead with HL Technology.

The continuing growth in popularity of the Xaar 2001+ printhead with HL Technology is due to the outstanding tile designs which tile manufacturers can produce. Through the powerful combination of 2,000 nozzles with 720 dpi resolution, the Xaar 2001+ GS12C has higher print quality than any other printhead on the market. This enables exceptionally fine details, smooth gradients, and strong colors, providing the manufacturers with a crucial design advantage over their competitors and ensuring their tiles stand out when on display. Xaar’s High Laydown Technology also delivers special effects such as gloss, adhesive, and metallic effects, with ink laydown of up to 170 g/m2 at 25m/min line speed.

“The show was the first time printers containing the Xaar 2001+ printhead had been displayed in China since we launched the printhead family there in 2017,” said Bob Bobertz, director of sales, Asia. “The overwhelming interest it caused this year is testament to the way in which this printhead is now revolutionizing the ceramic tile decoration industry. The success of the show will accelerate adoption of the Xaar 2001+ by tile manufacturers around the world, allowing an increasing number of companies to produce tiles with even more creativity, exploiting the full range of design possibilities using strong colors and a choice of wonderful effects – they can achieve more with Xaar.”

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