Mansfield, Mass. -- The Belknap White Group (BWG) announced its latest line of Hardwood Flooring from Armstrong, which features Diamond 10 Technology: Paragon and Appalachian Ridge.

Paragon offers today’s most in-demand wood colors and textures, in both high gloss and low gloss finishes, all featuring Diamond 10 Technology. Three popular "​looks​"​ include Smooth Hardwood​ with its timeless, consistently beautiful look; Scraped, ​a ​richly textured floor​,​​ ​full of abundant ​visual ​character ​and ​built for rugged durability​; and​,​ Brushed, ​featuring ​planks that are textured by gently removing the soft portion of the wood ​offering​​ a natural visua​l​. All Paragon floors come with a lifetime limited residential warranty.

Appalachian Ridge features scraped and brushed artisan effects harmonized with gentle sanding to create a refined, tactile canvas, brought to life with carefully selected stains and color washes. This fusion of soft focus texture and unparalleled, multi-tonal colors creates a designer floor with subtlety and sophistication. Both product lines are made from 100% solid Appalachian hardwood​.

“After consumers choose the color, the next most important factor when considering natural wood is scratch resistance and maintenance,” said Neal Coughlin, BWG’s regional vice president of sales and product manager for Armstrong Wood. “Consumers want to be assured that their floor will look beautiful for the long term. Armstrong’s Diamond 10 Technology offers them that peace of mind.”

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