New York, N.Y. -- The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) announced the formation of the Materials Concept Advisory to explore, better understand and quantify the impact of materials on human health and wellness.

The Materials concept in WELL v2, aims to reduce human exposure to hazardous building material ingredients through the restriction or elimination of compounds or products known to be toxic and the promotion of safer replacements. Compounds known to be hazardous to the health of occupational workers and/or known to bioaccumulate or aggregate in the environment are also restricted and, in some instances, not permitted.

The IWBI Materials Concept Advisory is an all-volunteer body of practitioners, advocates and experts who will assist IWBI in the ongoing evolution of WELL as it pertains to the concept of materials and wellness in new and existing buildings and living/work spaces around the world.

The newly launched IWBI Materials Advisory for 2018-19 includes: Michelle Amt, director of sustainability, VMDO; Tracy Backus, director, Teknion; Henning Bloech, founder, Henning Bloech Sustainability Consulting; Eva-Lena Carlén-Johansson; manager of sustainability programs, Skanska AB; David Green, director of sustainability, BASF; Robin Gunther, principal for Perkins + Will; Jean Hansen, sustainable principal, HDR; John Mlade, senior project manager of sustainable and healthy environments, Wight and Co.; Joel Ann Todd, technical and education director, HPD Collaborative; Troy Virgo, director of sustainability and product stewardship, Shaw Industries; and Raefer Wallis, Co-founder, A00 Architecture, principal founder, GIGA/RESET. Oriah Abera is the IWBI Materials concept staff lead.

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