Mannington Commercial is growing its Spacia Collection with several new visuals and a longer warranty. These enhancements make Spacia LVT an even more appealing flooring solution for the complex needs of commercial projects. Spacia offers striking style with abstract, stone and wood visuals in multiple plank and tile formats that can be mixed and matched for unique flooring designs.

With 7 new visuals (19 total), Spacia’s Abstract designs range from woven textiles to unique geometric patterns. One of the new aesthetics, Stellar, features subtle geometry that plays with shadow and light to create movement, adding a sense of flow and texture to a space. With 4 new visuals (25 total), Stone ranges from modern concrete to softly figured shale and slate. The new Concrete visuals push industrial interiors to the next level, removing the challenges presented by poured surfaces and heavy ceramics, offering instead a floor that can be laid quickly and used immediately.

With 11 new visuals (48 total), Wood includes a broad range of species in warm and cool tones, from deep, rich colors to light neutrals. Among the new designs are rustic wood visuals with realistic color variations that will complement a multitude of commercial projects.

In addition to new visuals, the entire Spacia Collection is now backed by a longer, limited 15 year warranty and limited 15 year Quantum Guard technology wear warranty. Spacia features the proven protection of Quantum Guard technology for superior scratch performance, durability, cleanability, appearance retention, slip resistance and savings on maintenance costs.

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