San Antonio, Texas -- Since the company’s founding, Vitromex has continued to innovate, expanding its portfolio of products to include glazed ceramic, porcelain, mosaics, and decorative floor and wall tiles across Mexico. Vitromex USA is pleased to offer the U.S. market access to its inspired tile designs.

Vitromex has embraced environmentally friendly industrial practices for safety, quality, energy efficiency, as well as, protection and sustainability of the environment. Its goal is to provide value in flooring options for homeowners, architects and designers. Vitromex USA strives to bring together innovative design and quality to deliver value, style, and superior customer service.

“Honoring our traditions is part of our essence, “said Perry Yancovich, vice president of sales and marketing for Vitromex USA. “…But the industry has begun to take notice of the reinvention and in some cases the re-entry in key market segments. This successful positioning is attributable to the reaffirmed Vitromex USA identity through new technologies and manufacturing processes – the end result is creating economic value for our customers.”

Vitromex has five manufacturing facilities located strategically throughout Mexico, along with a distribution center in Texas. They serve their customer base nationally as well as Canada, Central America and South America with more than 2,000 distributors. Vitromex USA continues to be a participating member of the TCNA (Tile Council of North America) and CTDA (Ceramic Tile Distributors Association).

Additionally, certain manufactured series of porcelain and ceramic tile have been certified as Green Squared a third-party audited certification supported by TCNA. This multi-dimensional certification evaluates, validates and communicates products which have a positive environmental impact. Vitromex earned Green Squared certification through SCS Global Services, a trusted certifier of choice for environmental certifications in the building industry.

Perry added, “Our company will continue to rapidly adapt to market needs in the years to come to ensure our continued growth in both the national and global ceramic sector.”

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