Vitromex USA recently announced its latest innovation in ceramic tile, CeraCore body tile. Made from red clay sourced in Mexico, CeraCore uses the same glazing and similar firing methods to Vitromex’s porcelain tiles to achieve the same design aesthetic at a lower price point.

For thousands of years, the fundamental methodology for manufacturing ceramic and porcelain tiles has remained the same. Ceramic and porcelain tiles differ only in the clays and the firing temperatures and times used. Porcelain tiles are generally made of a denser clay that is pressed thinner and baked longer at a higher temperature. This results in a product that is considerably harder and more impermeable than typical ceramic. In fact, to be considered Certified Porcelain Tile, the water absorption rate needs to be less than 0.5%.

“CeraCore is appropriate for all residential and commercial wall, countertop and backsplash applications,” said Perry Yancovich, vice president of sales and marketing for Vitromex USA. “Builders and architects can also consider using it in all residential and some commercial floor applications where breaking strength is not a consideration, but cost savings might be necessary.”

Available in more than 20 styles across eight collections, designers can choose slate, stone, marble, travertine, wood, fabric or cement fashions to match the color or texture needed for any décor inspiration.

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