Bethany, Conn. -- Laticrete International has acquired the remaining interest in the Laticrete Supercap joint venture to fully integrate the businesses under one umbrella and invest additional resources to accelerate growth momentum.

“The Laticrete Supercap joint venture between Laticrete and Supercap was originally formed in 2012 to bring to a broader market revolutionary products and technology first introduced to the northeastern U.S.,” said Edward Metcalf, Laticrete North America president and COO. “Since its formation, the company has experienced excellent growth, has expanded internationally and has built an outstanding reputation for quality, speed and innovation.”

The acquisition enables Laticrete Supercap to have a more concentrated and effective sales and marketing structure to spread the Supercap message and promote other powerful concrete remediation products of the company across all of North America.

“As the construction industry continues to evolve and slowly transitions away from traditional and inefficient construction practices, we are well positioned to deliver value-added solutions that address the serious challenges of rising freight expense, declining labor availability and ever-tightening construction schedules,” Metcalf added.

Laticrete will integrate all functions of Laticrete Supercap throughout the second half of 2018 with no disruption or changes to the products or customers’ transactions.

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