Verona, Italy—Natural stone must become the key for sustainable urban development and urban redevelopment, according to leaders in natural stone during the inauguration of the 53rd edition of Marmomac, held Sept 26-29, 2018, that aims to expand the growth of the category by encouraging new design applications.

"Stone is a very ancient material that today is experiencing a new renaissance that Marmomac itself also interprets by simultaneously promoting two directions of development in the sector: design and technology,” said Maurizio Danese, president and CEO of Veronafiere.

Italy boasts 3,300 natural stone and technology companies with more than 34,000 employees. Annual sales reach 4.2 billion euro (US $4.9 million), with profits around 2.8 billion euro (US $3.27 million).

"Marmomac is a fundamental Italian manufacturing sector, yet one that is often relegated to a marginal role compared to other fields,” said Giovanni Mantovani, the president of the Veneto region in northeast Italy. “In reality, facts and figures prove the exact opposite. Marmomac has the merit of having revolutionized the once residual or luxury use of natural stone into everyday life and urban contexts."

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