To help installers do their jobs faster without compromising quality, Schluter Systems is providing its Kerdi waterproof membrane in a roll twice as wide as the previous roll. The new size of Schluter-KERDI membrane is 6 ft. 7 in. (2 meters) wide, vs. a standard roll that is 3 ft. 3 in. (1 meter) wide. The length of membrane on each roll remains 98 ft. 5 in. so there is 646 ft2 of waterproofing membrane on each of the wide Kerdi rolls.

This new size can be used by installers to cover the wall area from a shower floor to standard shower head height so the walls can be made waterproof with a single piece of Kerdi membrane. This application means there are fewer seams so the waterproofing of the shower area can be completed in less time. Using the wider sheets of membrane also provides a more uniform flat surface for tiling because there are fewer areas of overlapping membrane.

The Kerdi membrane on the wider roll is the same material as standard rolls of membrane and integrates with all Schluter shower system components. Standard width rolls of Kerdi membrane will continue to be sold in rolls of 54 ft2, 75 ft2, 108 ft2, 215 ft2, and 323 ft2.

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