Jan Tapia is the marketing coordinator for Consolidated Carpet, a third-generation, family owned commercial floor covering contractor. A recent graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas College, Tapia is brand new to the floor covering industry. Floor Trends sat down with Tapia recently to talk about her role as a marketing coordinator, joining the industry, and service in the community.

TF: How did you become a marketing Coordinator for Consolidated Carpet?

Tapia: I attended St. Thomas Aquinas College and studied marketing and communications while working retail part time. My interest in marketing and its evolving presence in the digital media landscape has been a passion of mine strengthened through my academic and work experience. Through a mutual contact at my previous job, an employee at Consolidated Carpet got wind of the fact that I recently graduated as a marketing major, and a social media marketing minor. He found me qualified for a position as a marketing coordinator at the firm and set up an interview for me in the days following my graduation.

TF: What is most exciting about your role?

Tapia: I am happy to have entered into an organization where our culture is very strong, even as a intergenerational workplace. Because I am new to the industry, every day is a learning experience. Whether visiting job sites, attending industry based events, or working alongside someone in the industry that has 30+ years of experience, while also working with someone who is fresh in just like me definitely keeps things challenging, yet very exciting. My role as a marketing coordinator fascinates me because I’m not only exposed to the floor covering industry, but the architecture & design, and construction communities as well, and getting to learn how they come to fruition to provide an end result.

FT: What projects do you manage?

Tapia: I am currently working on all communications regarding our NYC relocation, content creation for our social media platforms, and implementing a new customer relationship management system into our company. I also play a role in our “Strive for 75” initiative by documenting all good deeds, developing ideas that come across my desk for potential additions to the list, and generating a buzz within our offices to keep the deeds going! My colleague and I collaborated to create an internal committee designed to plan company-wide events and celebrations that I help manage as well.

FT: Consolidated Carpet has a long history of action and support of your local community. What are your favorite efforts to support personally & why?

Tapia: I am happy to stand by every charitable action the company wishes to participate in. However, I am particularly touched by efforts involving the military and food banks.

My older brother has been enlisted in U.S. Air Force for nearly half of my life, so supporting our troops and honoring our country’s heroes has been a part of who I am since a very young age. Our company is currently coming together to support Wreaths Across America. Every year this organization plants wreaths on the graves of our country’s fallen heroes at Arlington National Cemetery, as well as over 1,400 other locations across the U.S. and overseas. One of our associates, Kim, is actively involved in a local Wreaths Across America chapter and has asked me to help her after hearing that I planted wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery for this very organization two years in a row back in high school.

In college, through my marketing & public relations courses, I worked with several non-profit organizations to help increase publicity and organize fundraising events to support their efforts in the community. I had the opportunity to work very closely for Rockland County’s largest food pantry. Witnessing the amount of donations collected from my fellow classmates and the entire Rockland community was truly inspiring and made me realize how much of a difference a few people can make in the lives of many. Here at Consolidated, we have “PB&J Days” in October. Over the course of two days, this company wide event allows associates & installers in our NY & NJ offices to take an hour out of their day to make mountains of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters. This event is always a big hit and a great way for us to come together in the office to give back to our communities!

FT: How do these community events reflect Consolidated’s brand positioning and mission in the market?

Tapia: Our success is reliant on our effort to maintain the level of quality and service established by our founders, as well as keeping the tradition of hard work alive. We take pride in the work we deliver to our valued clients, as well as the service we provide to our community. As an industry leader in our market, we recognize the importance of setting a positive example with our employees, our business practices, and the various activities we are involved in outside of floor covering.

FT: How important is it to you that your career offers you the opportunity to give back?

Tapia: Extremely important! Maintaining a work – life balance is not always easy when you are starting a new career, especially right out of college! It’s refreshing to be able to come to work every day and have a portion of my time dedicated to helping the company participate in good deeds. It’s even more fulfilling to experience such a high level of involvement within our Consolidated Carpet community, whether it be associates, installers, or management. Everyone here supports our Strive for 75 initiative in one way or another and personally inspires me to do my part in giving back.