Burns, Tenn. -- Hardwood flooring manufacturers American OEM and Hearthwood Floors recently hosted a cookout at their manufacturing facility outside of Nashville, Tenn. The annual appreciation event, now in its fourth year, honors 200 inmates and more than 50 Department of Corrections staff who make running the plant at Turney Center possible.

The companies participate in a voluntary Prison Industry Enterprise (PIE) program to employ incarcerated individuals to help manufacture its products. Located on the campus of the Turney Center Industrial Complex, the operations provide voluntary work opportunities for inmates and civilians.

“This lunch has become a highly anticipated event that the inmates look forward to all year long,” said Doug Van Nest, vice president of manufacturing. “We appreciate the work they do for American OEM, and so it is a great opportunity for us to serve them and show our gratitude for their efforts.”

For more information, visit www.americanoem.com.