Orange, Calif. -- Spurred by the design community, MSI recently added its Q Premium Natural Quartz manufacturer catalog to 2020 Design, the company’s kitchen design software. By offering the Q Quartz catalog through 2020 Design, MSI gives residential and commercial designers and other industry professionals an opportunity to specify and visualize kitchens and baths with actual MSI products. Three-dimensional renderings help designers communicate ideas and bring kitchens and baths to life for their clients, saving both parties time and frustration.

“Integration with 2020 Design echoes our commitment to MSI’s core value of Making Dream Surfaces Attainable for our customers,” said Al Pacheco, vice president of marketing. “With 2020 Design we put over ninety Q Quartz colors at the designer’s fingertips—allowing them to easily work Q into their 3D kitchen and bath designs—and wow their clients."

MSI is a 2020 Accredited Manufacturer and has earned the 2020 Certified Content seal, confirming its catalogs are of the highest quality.

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