Phenix Flooring is launching Modern Contours at the International Surfaces Event (TISE), January 23 -25 in Las Vegas.

Modern Contours was developed to fill a category need in the marketplace: a sophisticated fashionable line of flooring at an affordable value. Inspired by the fashion and couture bridal industries, Modern Contours curates styles and textures that mimic the luxury fabrics, materials and knitting techniques bringing a vibrant couture look to a room. Modern Contours highlights many innovative technologies and processing techniques to create a luxurious aesthetic unique to the market, including long tonal space dye technology, which provides a unique melding of colors. The technique provides a subtle ombre of color throughout the background of the fabric providing a visually stimulating depth and interest to a room without overpowering the overall design. Modern Contours is the perfect marriage of fashion and durability for the consumer’s home.

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