Mohawk’s Air.o has resonated in a major way after a successful initial market launch that will see an expansion of four additional styles in 2019 to meet growing popularity demands.

“We have witnessed a fantastic consumer response to Air.o as well as tremendous growth in market acceptance and interest level,” said Seth Arnold, vice president of residential marketing. “So many homeowners have looked for and waited for a hypoallergenic flooring product, and Air.o is helping real people in their everyday lives. Expanding and upgrading Air.o styles will only accelerate the product growth, translate into more sales and help more families in the end.”

Four multicolor Air.o styles will be added in 2019 to the current 12-style assortment, bringing the total line to 16 different offerings. With multiple price points and thicker weights, Rest Assured I (40 oz.), Rest Assured II (50 oz.), Peaceful Moments I (45 oz.) and Peaceful Moments II (55 oz.) feature innovative styling that includes spectacular new multicolor yarns.

These new additions offer greater design options while providing pure peace of mind. No matter which style consumers choose, Air.o’s unique unified construction will not absorb any moisture, inhibiting the growth of or spread of allergens, such as mold, mildew and dust mites. Engineered with just one material, Air.o is VOC-free and latex-free with no “new carpet” smell.

This construction also simplifies the installation process and makes Air.o 100% recyclable. Air.o also provides 50% more airflow, making it easy-to-clean by releasing more dust, dirt and pet dander when vacuumed.

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