Novi, Mich. -- Design centers are used by builders to assist clients in making design decisions throughout the build process. However, it can often be time-consuming and requires the builder and client to spend hours reviewing and selecting products for their custom home. Chameleon Power created a time-saving solution for this process, developing a virtual design center, where clients can filter through various product types and make selections on their own time, online, without builder assistance.

The client is able to make decisions about different products, such as siding, shingles, windows, etc., and save those selections for the builder to review. The customer can easily view their selections at any time, and make changes or revisions based on their own preferences. The builder can simply login and view these decisions, making the entire product selection and design process more efficient. In fact, an industry-leading builder has found reduced design consult time with the homebuyer from eight to two hours.

The selection tool is built into the builder’s website and populates with the products and materials they supply. It also can provide tabs that represent specific product types, colors, availability, etc. The customer can then explore each tab and make selections based on their design preferences. The homebuyer has the ability to customize their new home, without ever having to leave their personal browser to spend hours collaborating face-to-face with the builder.

“Home builders are aggressively trying to reduce the cost per home build,” said Dan Dempsey, president of Chameleon Power. “Our virtual selections and design tools significantly reduce design center time.” “Reducing home building costs while accommodating the buyers schedule is the ultimate solution.”

Chameleon Power visualizers and digital selections tools shorten the design cycle and enhance customer satisfaction. Websites that utilize Chameleon visualizers enjoy increased user time of more than 300% and sales increases of more than 75%.

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