The latest in-store displays simplify the shopping experience and accelerate consumers’ buying decisions. Here is a round-up of some recent innovations. 

USFloors: COREtec Colorwall

During a merchandising lab session with retailers in 2018, Shaw leadership discovered one of its retailers had crafted their own version of a resilient color wall. Since Shaw’s Anso Colorwall had been a major contributing factor to SFN dealer success in soft-surface sales, the company decided it wanted to figure out a way to bring that magic to hard surface. 

“It didn’t take much of a push to design the color wall and bring it to life under a COREtec program that’s exclusive to SFN [Shaw Flooring Network],” said Kathy Young, vice president of marketing, USFloors. 

The new selling station features a digital touchscreen that allows the consumer to explore 48 options of COREtec waterproof composite core [WPC] flooring in a simplified manner, selecting from four visuals and 12 colors. Take-home samples are tucked away behind a door.

“We cherish our success with the color wall concept,” Young said. “History has proven when we design a merchandising system that is ‘easy to buy from and easy to sell from,’ it becomes the retailer’s ‘go-to’ display to start the conversation about product. By being the first resource the consumer encounters in-store, we stay top-of-mind during their shopping experience, setting the stage for shared success with our retail partners.”

Shaw Floors: Color That Speaks to You 

A successful selling tool for more than 22 years and the anchor of countless showrooms, the Shaw Floors Anso Colorwall has been refreshed for 2019. Exclusive to members of SFN, the display is now called ‘Color That Speaks to You’ and showcases Shaw Floors’ tried-and-true along with new and nuanced soft surface selections. 

“To answer the consumer’s desire for a simplified process when shopping for flooring, the display draws upon extensive proprietary research to offer a streamlined approach that provides inspiration while guiding shoppers through two easy steps to select their perfect carpet,” said Teresa Tran, director soft surface portfolio management-residential. 

Drawing inspiration from the 2018 debut of Bellera High Performance Carpet’s display, ‘Color That Speaks to You’ is sleek, bright white and stands out in the showroom, drawing the consumer in. A total of 138 samples in a modern subway tile-type format are arranged from bold and bright colors on the perimeter, transitioning to more neutral tones as the eye is drawn to the center of the wall. 

“With ‘Color that Speaks to You,’ Shaw Floors gives the consumer a plethora of soft surface options and a pathway to selecting the right carpet for their needs and tastes; the retailer, when armed with our easy-to-explain narrative about style and performance, serves as a resource to the shopper, driving the sale and building their confidence in their selection,” said Carrie Edwards Isaac, vice president of residential marketing.

‘Color that Speaks to You’ debuts the ‘Find Your Comfort,’ collection, which evokes familiar moods consumers experience within their lifetimes. Sixty new, tailored ‘novel solids’ have a unique-yet-soft texture with a subtle hint of color variation, giving the savvy consumer comfort and style. Shaw Floors’ best-selling tonal textures have grown from 10 color options to 60 warm neutrals, cool taupes and coveted greys. Eighteen new accents offer a pop of color with variations of light, dark or flecks of color. Three additional patterned selections will be available to SFN members. 

A benefit of ‘Color That Speaks to You’ is the capability for consumers to select one color that spans the different styles, allowing for unique looks to be achieved in individual rooms, while still adhering to the same color palette through the home. Shaw Floors’ 2019 Color of the Year, the Whisper palette of five hushed neutrals, is incorporated in the new ‘Color That Speaks to You’ introductions, whether embodying the colors themselves or providing a visual that coordinates with the palette. The display features the same popular takeaways, so consumers can bring home samples of styles they love—with LifeGuard Spill-proof backing on the sample—to help in their purchasing decisions. 

Each of the soft surface offerings are backed by Shaw Floors’ industry-leading backings: Softbac I and II and LifeGuard spill-proof backing. Available in tiers —Find Your Comfort I, a 45-ounce product; Find Your Comfort II, a 55-ounce product; and Find Your Comfort Blue, a 55-ounce product with LifeGuard spill-proof Backing—consumers can choose the color, weight and backing that fits their preference. 

Engineered Floors Destination Showroom 

Engineered Floors created a destination showroom for its Dream Weaver dealers that is equipped with smart new displays for soft and hard surface selling success. The merchandising line-up includes three streamlined, space-saving and easy-to-place pedestal displays showcasing the popular dealer brands: Dream Weaver for residential replacement, Dwellings for new homes, and Pentz for Main Street Commercial installations.

“We’ve created a uniform branded presentation for our dealers,” said Mike Sanderson, vice president of marketing for Engineered Floors. “The total effect is a showing of quality, stylish flooring solutions no matter what you’re looking for.”

Each pedestal display has 20 slots for 18” x 24” sample handle cards and storage in the base. The footprint for each is just over 9 sq. ft.  In addition to the new pedestal displays, Engineered Floors updates its Colorwall display into the PureBac Destination Colorwall Display for 2019. With feelers, deck boards and lots of storage, this display spotlights the best of the Dream Weaver brand and its proprietary PureColor fiber system. Styles in this display feature Engineered Floors’ new PureBac secondary backing system and PureColor that solves common problems such as side match, roll ends, ease of installation, staining and fading. This display measures 52” W x 80” H x 31” D and works as a merchandising focal point for any carpet area. 

In addition, the company unveiled a new hard surface display system. This destination showcase represents continued commitment to the category and a significant step up from the brand’s current stacker displays. 

“This new display creates the optimal shopping experience for the customer while educating them on waterproof, rigid core and the role it can play in their home,” Sanderson said. 

Holding 40 slots for 24” x 24” swatch cards (included) it is compatible in design with all the new carpet displays, for a uniform Engineered Floors look on the showroom floor. The display measures 68” W x 72” H x 22” D. 

Mohawk Ultra Colorwall 

The Mohawk Colorwall has been revamped with its the first update since 2014. “This customer is looking for those whites, creams and lighter beiges,” said Brittany Stanley, senior design manager, Mohawk. “They are still buying taupes and grays, and we’ve seen warmer grays, but we are seeing cooler grays coming back in. We want this to be a long-lasting line, so we included a little bit of both in this collection.” 

The new 48-color palette also includes classic hues like blues along with a few trending colors that will gain in popularity over next two to three years, she said. In addition, the updated wall includes four new solid products, two new tailored tonal styles that offer tone-on-tone colorations, and three styles of ColorMax— an innovative dyeing process debuting in select SmartStrand styles. All styles in the Ultra Collection feature Forever Clean and All Pet Protection, providing complete protection from life’s everyday accidents.