After receiving an Iconic Award last year, architect Michele Perlini returns to the theme of portable living with the NO.MADE nomadic micro home: a modular living space capable of assimilating into any setting in which it is placed, whether it be an urban or natural location.

Its compact dimensions (3x9 m) encapsulate a wealth of research into materials and design solutions that develop the concept of living through its primary elements. The architect's focus on the energy consumption of the building led to sustainable materials being selected. These include Lapitec, which was used for all the internal walls and the kitchen. The natural qualities of full body sintered stone marry perfectly with the other natural and recycled materials used for the bespoke furnishings (American walnut, silk, cotton, recycled plexiglass and Corten weathering steel).

The warm Avana shade chosen provides the common chromatic theme running throughout the entire space; its characteristic pastel shade gives a natural feeling of aesthetic and perceptual comfort. The different finishes create pleasing contrasts. The Lithos finish, with its extra-fine bush hammered surface, was chosen for all the walls and for the shower tray, while the delicate Lapitec Satin was used for the kitchen worktop, complete with integrated sink, and the drain of the shower.

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