Norwalk, Conn. -- Aspecta North America has committed to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and combat climate change wherever possible. To continuously improve the company’s sustainability programs, effective April 1, 2019, all domestic Aspecta sample and collateral courier packages will be shipped via UPS carbon neutral shipping. This includes any packages shipped via UPS Ground, UPS 3rd Day, UPS 2nd Day, and UPS Next Day Air. By implementing this program, Aspecta now has the ability to counterbalance the carbon footprint generated by the transport of its deliveries.

Aspecta will support carbon footprint reduction projects that help mitigate the climate impact of shipping its customers’ parcels. One such project is the Chol Charoen Wastewater Treatment plant in Cholburi, Thailand. Wastewater biogas produced from tapioca starch production is being captured to generate heat and electricity for both the plant and national grid. This project generates 28,000 metric tons of emissions reductions per year. Other projects include the Wolf Creek Landfill gas capture operation in Georgia.

UPS uses a precise carbon calculator to measure a customer’s carbon footprint, and the additional shipping expense paid to UPS for carbon neutral shipping is used to fund these carbon mitigation projects around the world. The UPS carbon neutral program has been third-party certified by Natural Capital Partners and verified by SGS, a well-recognized third-party certifier. Last year, UPS achieved 110,814 metric tons of carbon dioxide reduction or offset worldwide (according to UPS’s GRI Content Index).

“This is a very practical step that any company involved in logistics can take to help them manage their carbon footprint,” said Rochelle Routman, Aspecta chief sustainability officer. “Small steps by many add up to big improvements, and the climate crisis before us right now demands that everyone, every company, take all measures possible. We chose UPS carbon neutral because it is third-party certified and also preserves wildlife habitat. I’m proud of our company for making this decision.”

Alan Rowell, director of sales for Aspecta, added, “Through Aspecta’s adoption of UPS carbon neutral shipping, we’re contributing to the reduction of carbon in our atmosphere along with our own footprint. We are proud to be supporting these important environmental projects that mitigate the climate impact of shipping our samples and collateral material.”

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