Metroflor Corporation has committed to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and combat climate change wherever possible. To continuously improve its sustainability programs, all Metroflor samples, accessories and courier packages are being shipped via UPS carbon neutral shipping. This includes any packages shipped via UPS Ground, UPS 3rd Day, UPS 2nd Day, and UPS Next Day Air. By implementing this program, Metroflor now has the ability to counterbalance the carbon footprint generated by the transport of its deliveries.

Metroflor’s participation in the UPS carbon neutral program helps fund global environmental projects that are reducing carbon emissions, such as the sustainable conservation of the Garcia River Forest. Other projects include The Conservation Fund’s Big River and Salmon Creek Forests in California. UPS also supports the Suzhou Qizi Mountain landfill gas recovery project in China and the Chol Charoen wastewater methane destruction project in Thailand.

UPS uses a precise carbon calculator to measure a customer’s carbon footprint, and the additional shipping expense paid to UPS for carbon neutral shipping is used to fund these carbon mitigation projects around the world. The UPS carbon neutral program has been third-party certified by Natural Capital Partners and verified by SGS, a well-recognized third-party certifier.

Said Rochelle Routman, chief sustainability & quality officer for HMTX Industries, “Metroflor has now joined Aspecta in carbon neutral shipping. The entire Metroflor supply chain, including its distributors, will benefit by knowing that Metroflor has committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Additional efforts are underway as HMTX Industries further defines its climate footprint and tackles the climate crisis.”

Said Gary Keeble, vice president of marketing for Metroflor, “Metroflor continues to lead the way in promoting sustainability by committing to UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping and illustrating our leadership role at the specialty retail level.”

For more information, visit or see UPS’s carbon neutral video: