Lonseal Inc. took cues from nature when it came to designing their new sheet-vinyl product line, Londstrand Topseal.

Lonseal believes in biophilic design, utilizing our tendency to want to connect with nature. The trend in green flooring materials may have had an environmental impact in building design and construction, but Lonseal noticed how this movement wasn’t as strong in connecting us with the natural world as most would like to think. Lonseal dove into the findings of research scientists who have unlocked secrets of human behavioral patterns. Lonseal also looked at the works of design practitioners who defined the characteristics of nature that influenced us in commercial environments.

Lonstrand was designed to contribute to restorative responses such as reducing stress, improving cognitive function and creativity, and improving well-being and healing. The design mimics the bark of a tree, which gives a harmonious relationship with the earth and offers a sense of healing and tranquility. The long, fibrous-like strands can also visually expand a space, and gives a peaceful, harmonious effect when connecting with other architectural details such as floor moldings. Lonstrand has a multi-design purpose. It is subtle enough to provide a smooth transition between rooms and interesting enough to help emphasize a focal point.

Lonstrand works well for any commercial environment that needs a sense of outdoors in its interior surroundings, such as healthcare and assisted living facilities, where environment can impact healing, and office settings where the disconnect with nature is found to be a central factor to many work-related issues. Lonstrand Topseal comes in eight colors to suit environments where individuals need to be comfortable, alert, and productive.

Lonstrand is phthalate free and also features Lonseal’s exclusive Topseal formulation. Topseal is a factory- applied urethane finish that protects the floor, reduces scuffing and simplifies routine maintenance. Topseal is applied in a 30-micron wear layer and extends the life of the flooring. It’s eco-friendly formulation also features Lonseal's exclusive GreenAir technology that reduces VOC emissions and contributes to superior indoor air quality, and GreenMedic for increased microbial resistance.

For more information, visit lonseal.com.