The Exclusive Stone collection by Antolini presents the most elegant and sought-after materials. Continuously expanding, this collection of marble, granite, quartzite and quartz is now enhanced by the addition of two new choices: New Galaxy and Charme Quartzite.

New Galaxy is an unexpected immersion in the star system, in the most profound and primordial space, it is a point of contact between mankind and infinity. New Galaxy is a deep, calm, imposing black, where design touches the most concealed chords of emotion.

The purity of the color and the lightness of the grains of Quarzite Charme express the epitome of elegance. Sophisticated and sensual, the essence of grace is contained in this Antolini quartzite, as enveloping as a perfume, as delicate as a flower and as enchanting as faintly heard music. With a soft but impeccable style, Quarzite Charme is the apotheosis of a design that fascinates with its subtlety and grace.

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