Manchester, N.H. -- Select retail divisions of CCA Global Partners are taking their annual Building Buzz event to another level this summer. For the first time, Flooring America, Flooring Canada, and The Floor Trader members will have the opportunity to attend regional meetings in two cities, Denver and Philadelphia.

Building Buzz West will be held in Denver July 12-14 and East in Philadelphia July 24-26, where the group will shine a spotlight on its unique brand of services geared to support independent retailers in today’s ever evolving and competitive flooring marketplace.

It will also celebrate the “Year of the Sales Professional,” highlighting new programs and techniques to close more sales, as well as rolling out the new Resista 3.0 and celebrating the arrival of AquaDura H20 products in their retail showrooms.

Keith Spano, president Flooring America, Flooring Canada, and The Floor Trader, said the company wanted to switch up the Building Buzz format to allow for more personalized engagement with members.

“We are all so excited about this new approach to Buzz,” said Spano. “Our goal is to have more one-on-one time with our members, and give more attention to personal experience and the importance of how one person can make a difference. Our cooperative is special because of the people involved - our members, sales professionals, core suppliers and our team. Hosting Buzz in two locations provides a more intimate setting for networking, sharing ideas and learning.”

Members at both conventions will be the first to see the company’s new products set to land in stores by fall 2019. Resista 3.0, a performance-based carpet with three ply fiber; and AquaDura H20, a completely waterproof, real hardwood product. “These are two of the most exciting launches for us,” said Cathey Gundlach Links, vice president of merchandising.

“They will be game changers for us and our clients," Gundlach Links continued. "Resista 3.0 is one of the most durable carpets to enter the market. And Aqua Dura H20 is the waterproof hardwood product our customers have been asking for. We can’t wait for our sales professionals to get the first look, and their customers to see our exclusive colors and styles.”

As always, Building Buzz will include marketing sessions for members including Mosaic Marketing Suite’s latest upgrades; working more user-friendly aspects into member’s websites, and how the new DRIVE marketing automation platform can help members understand customers and capture more leads.

“It’s all about constantly tweaking and updating the marketing strategies we provide our members to keep them a step ahead in a retail market that is ever-changing,” said Frank Chiera, senior vice president of marketing and advertising. “The way consumers are shopping and making purchasing decisions today, it’s vital to be on top of web, social media, digital and brand strategies, and to weave creative advertising and PR into the mix.”

For Flooring America, Flooring Canada and The Floor Trader it’s also The Year of the Sales Professional and more than 30% of attendees at both conventions will be retail sales professionals and sales managers.

“We’re very focused on learning and networking with key suppliers but we also like to foster our Sales Pro’s competitive spirit to be the best," said Niicole Harding, vice president of CCA University. "We’ve created many opportunities for our Sales Force to interact and engage with buzz, we’ve even planned a Sales Pro Olympics. Sales pros are the front line of our membership, and that’s why this year we’ve designed tracks and education specific to their experience.”

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