The Global Flooring Alliance (GFA) officially kicked-off of the association's 30-year anniversary during the "summer" meeting in Iceland.

GFA started as Euparal in 1989 and in 2009 changed its name to Global Flooring Alliance. When the alliance began, the emphasis was on Europe. But over the years, the emphasis shifted to "worldwide" view, with the name change being a logical consequence. Last year, GFA developed an ethical code on sustainability, social issues and legitimacy as part of the anniversary. The association also introduced a new logo.

GFA invited all GFA presidents from the past for the festivities in Iceland. Brian McGrath, former chairman and first-time GFA member on behalf of Ireland, managed to stir those present with a lively description of the start of the association. “A special moment. Four suppliers, from different countries, who recognized the benefits of working together in an international association band," said McGrath. "That does not seem so special now, but was unprecedented at the time. These four were Woodpecker from the Netherlands, Promoketa from Spain, Chetham Timber from Ireland and Hardvidarval from Iceland. It is very special that we are in Iceland, the land of one of the founders. And it is an honor that our honorary member Gottskalk Eggertsson can also be present."

GFA will present itself emphatically in the coming period and during the upcoming trade event Domotex in Hanover next year. “Global Flooring Alliance has been a trustworthy institution within the flooring industry for over thirty years," said Einar Gottskalksson, current CFA chairman. "With a wealth of knowledge and experience of the members, who together contribute four hundred years of collective industry experience. We want to communicate that clearly to the market. We are open to new members who want to use our experience, but also want to contribute their own knowledge. That too is one of the many spearheads of the coming years."

GFA membership is open to one floor importer/distributor per country, to prevent conflicts of interest. In addition to product promotion, members exchange product, market and technical information in the broadest sense. The members also give each other mutual help with strategic purchasing options. GFA organizes two meetings per year. One during the Domotex trade fair in Hanover and one in the country of one of the members, the summer meeting. The next GFA meeting will take place on Sunday, January 12, 2020 during the Domotex trade show in Hanover, Germany.

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