Invista recently announced that Lowe’s has selected Stainmaster brand to be the only residential carpet brand offered at their stores nationwide. This announcement makes the carpet buying experience simpler for customers and provides them more access to the brand. For over 30 years, consumers have selected Stainmaster for their homes because of its exceptional durability, stain resistance and proven performance.

Across all industries, the pace of improvements, change and disruption continues to accelerate, providing consumers with more choices and flexibility than ever before in their purchase decisions. With this rapid change, consumers expect an improved and simplified experience in shopping for flooring. The Stainmaster brand, along with its partners, are committed to making sure they are on the forefront of meeting these increased expectations.

In an effort to transform the carpet buying experience to better meet these changing customer expectations, consumers will be greeted at Lowe’s stores with a clear good, better, best, product assortment that simplifies selecting carpet based on application and value. The simplified brand structure includes several Stainmaster options, such as its “best” carpet, Stainmaster PetProtect, a great selection in the “better” category, Stainmaster Signature, and strong value products in the “good” category, Stainmaster Essentials.

Consumers can expect to see expanded fiber types under the Stainmaster brand offering great value for a wide variety of needs. Each one of these carpets will go through the Stainmaster certification process that consumers have come to trust for the past 30 years.

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