After eight years of service to the floor covering industry, Michael Campbell was forced to stop working his normal 70-90 hours a week due to stage 4 brain cancer. He lives with his wife and eleven-year-old son in Glasgow, Va., where he worked as shift leader and line clerk. Unfortunately, his life changed drastically due cancer. In October 2017, he had surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor, six weeks of daily chemotherapy and radiation, followed by seven more cycles of chemotherapy. Hospitalized in November 2018 due to severe headaches, an MRI revealed another tumor, this time inoperable. Campbell is currently undergoing chemotherapy every two weeks and receiving electric fields therapy, which stops the growth of new cancer cells.

Now, with the family just relying on his wife’s income, they are behind on the household expenses and medical bills. The financial stress was more than the family could bear. With the grant from the Floor Covering Industry Foundation (FCIF), the Campbells were able to save their home from foreclosure, catch up their utility bills, afford Mr. Campbell’s treatments.

“This year has been record-setting both for grants and donations,” shared Andrea Blackbourn, executive director, FCIF. “In 2018 we had 96 families reach out for assistance compared to 63 the prior year. Through August 2019, we already have had 105 families apply for a grant from FCIF.”

FCIF is dedicated to financially assisting those who are or have been employed in the floor covering industry who experience catastrophic illnesses, severe disabilities, or other life-altering medical conditions. Criteria for assistance include: financial need, severity of medical condition, and 5+ years of service to the floor covering industry by a household family member.

As part of this year’s fundraising campaign, companies and individuals who make a gift by October 31st will be recognized in Floor Trends. It’s an honor being on the board of this organization, and Floor Trends would like to help them get the word out so more people in our industry can get assistance when they need it. Know someone in need? Visit for an application.

In this month’s issue, Managing Editor Danielle Clair Simpson features a number of organizations, including FCIF, making a positive impact. The flooring industry is doing so much more than creating beautiful interiors. It is doing its part to make our world a better place, one philanthropic effort at a time.