RaceDeck Garage Floors announced the newest addition to its line of garage floor products: FreeFlow XL Commercial (FreeFlow XLc). FreeFlow XLc combines new patented and patent-pending technologies with a commercial grade durability, and is the largest and tallest of the RaceDeck offerings.

FreeFLow XLc contains the first engineered dual traction tread, offering superior slip resistance, and greater drainage and ease of cleaning. For the working garage, the patented design of the XLc ribs allows for easier than ever rolling of heavy tool boxes, creepers, stands, and stools across the floor. Standing at almost ¾” tall, the XLc is engineered for maximum drainage while keeping cars and equipment dry. The bulked up understructure ensures success for commercial applications, but does not change the multi-patented RaceDeck PowerLock System. With 6 power locks per side, the FreeFlow XLc is guaranteed to stay in place throughout wheels turning, tool boxes rolling, and anything else that can be throw at it.

"The development of our new FreeFlow XLc product was the culmination of technologies and our unmatched years of extensive industry experience," said Jeremiah Shapiro, vice president of poerations. "XLc will prove to be a level above all else with the increased structural integrity to support massive rolling and static loads and specifically engineered for all climate applications. XLc is a product for any application and integrates seamlessly with the rest of our product lineup."

For more information, visit racedeck.com.