Anderson Tuftex
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With travels and explorations, we discover new influences and inspirations. Through that exploration, we find beauty along the way. Inspired by the treasures, favorite pieces and curated keepsakes we take back with us, Anderson Tuftex’s Artifacts represents these artifacts that become part of our lives and instill its products with inspired design. Delighting in details like hand-textured native hardwoods, custom-dyed fibers and perfected finishing techniques—all designed with intention and crafted with care, Artifacts exudes simplicity and quality, durability and beauty, comfort and ease.

AVA by Novalis
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At AVA, several collections have been created with unique modular formats in plank and tile sizes that are adding to the ability of the design community to utilize these patterns to make really dynamic flooring designs.

AVA’s VRSE collection is a multi-directional pattern in several trendy colors that is offered in a metric plank format that has received tremendous interest. AVA’s SPRK collection is one of the largest color palettes in the industry with 38 color rich SKUs that offer warm neutrals options that can be paired with on trend accent colors. Finally, the recently introduced RSRV collection from AVA has the Beton color line that has large format tile patterns in concrete visuals in water-proof HPC constructions.

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LVT specialist Karndean Designflooring is debuting new visuals in four product ranges, including Moroccan-inspired and English Victorian-period visuals, familiar colors in additional specifications, and sought-after stone visuals in two floating formats.

Opus: Inspired by the artistic techniques of traditional Moroccan architecture, two new patterns in the Opus 20-mil glue-down range combine non-uniform geometrics influenced by medieval Spain. Two additional new Opus patterns combine the character of elegant, Victorian-period interiors with geometric patterned tiles, available in classic monochromatic and bold modern color schemes. 

Knight Tile: Thirteen familiar wood and stone visuals from the 12-mil Knight Tile gluedown range will be available in additional rigid core specification, offering homeowners an entry-level rigid core product.

Karndean LooseLay: The non-interlocking floating floor range gains eight new stone visuals designed for Main Street and large commercial applications. These distinctive designs replicate the in-demand looks of travertine and honed concrete in a 20mil format that does not require a full spread of adhesive.

Korlok Select: Later this year, the premier and award-winning Korlok Select rigid core range, featuring 5G locking and waterproof K-Core technologies backed by the HoldFast warranty, will expand in summer 2020 to include 13 stones.

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The company will unveil a newly-imagined 30,000-square-foot exhibition featuring innovative products, powerful storytelling, and award-winning marketing programs designed to help retailers thrive in today’s increasingly competitive world of specialty retail.

Soft Surface:

Air.o: Two brand-new Air.o soft flooring products include one solid color, high-bulk, cut-pile texture with maximum softness at an exceptional value and a second multicolor, high-bulk, cu- pile texture featuring ColorMax technology for maximum color clarity and enhanced cleanability.

SmartStrand Silk: Bolstered by SmartStrand’s proven reputation as the softest, most durable, easiest to clean carpet on the planet, Mohawk debuts an all-new, interactive anchor display targeted to 2,000 premier retailers. Additionally, the 2020 expansion of SmartStrand Silk will include six all-new products including five premium soft, cut-pile textured styles featuring ColorMax and one high-fashion, tonal and multicolor heavy pattern.

Everstrand: Mohawk is answering the call of growing consumer demand for sustainable flooring options with the new EverStrand Soft Appeal line of premium soft polyester carpet which features a total of nine new products, including four premium ultra-soft solid and tonal cut pile carpets that boast tight construction and a luxuriously soft, ultra-clean finish.

Karastan: Reinforcing Karastan’s “Live Beautifully” campaign, the brand’s 2020 SmartStrand, wool and Kashmere nylon introductions offer quality, style and durability.

Godfrey Hirst: Adding to Australia and New Zealand flooring company Godfrey Hirst’s collection of the SmartStrand family, Mohawk continues to develop introductions, with nine highly anticipated updates within the SmartStrand, EverLux Nylon and wool categories, along with a redesigned merchandising system.

Hard Surface:

RevWood: Mohawk grows the innovative, domestically produced RevWood product family with four collection debuts featuring new species and refined colorations, coupled with a brand-new enhanced display system that holds 70 SKUs of RevWood Select and RevWood Plus.

Karastan: After more than 90 years as a luxury carpet brand, Karastan is expanding into a luxury flooring brand with the 2020 launch of its first-ever hard surface lines–including Karastan BelleLuxe, timeless hardwood flooring. BelleLuxe has four distinctive collections offering livable luxury: Chevreaux and Ashmore Oak, Worthington Oak and Worthington Herringbone and Villapoint Maple.

Solid in the resilient category, Mohawk is building on two years of growing momentum in the LVT category with SolidTech. The company has expanded its successful line of luxury vinyl flooring with SolidTech Plus: Within the highly competitive category, SolidTech Plus stands out as the only rigid LVT product in the industry that is 100% made in the USA. Designed for any room, any climate, Mohawk’s newest rigid vinyl flooring is three times more scratch resistant due to the addition of a tough wear layer and enhanced lacquer finish, while its EasyClean technology adds enhanced stain and soil protection to ensure easy cleanup for everyday accidents.

Pergo Extreme: Following Mohawk’s spring 2019 nationwide launch of Pergo Extreme Rigid LVT in specialty retail, 2020 will see a focused expansion of Pergo Extreme assets and an enhanced Go Life ad campaign to demonstrate the product line’s superior performance.

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Maybree: The company expands the collection with the addition of six new stone and four new plank visuals. The plank offering follows a European palette with soften styles included the rising star of plank colors, a beautiful pale blonde. Two new stone visuals include four earthy shades of marble and two industrial shades of concrete. Sizes are being updated along with the visuals and bigger is better in 2020. Extra wide planks continue to trend upward in 2020. While not only making rooms appear larger, this chameleon flooring has the ability to make a modern home appear more modern and traditional homes look more authentic. In addition to planks, tiles are also expanding. Estate sized tiles are one of the hottest trends in hard surface today. From polished and modern to rustic and refined, our favorite looks have expanded. All of the Maybree additions feature a generous 8” x 72” size for planks and 16”x 32” tiles.

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As Stanton Street continues to garner more attention and interest, the company is introducing some stand-out decorative commercial products in 2020. Colorful accents and unique textures offered in these bold new styles will invigorate the Stanton street assortment in both carpet tile and wall to wall. On the residential side Stanton’s customers continue to gravitate to soft and lush carpet in solid and patterned looks and the company’s newer fiber innovations set the stage for an ultra-soft hand. A combination of matte and shine creates a dramatic statement. Stanton’s patterns are dynamic and continue to be an important creative focus for the company, which looks forward to creating more livable statement pieces for the home in 2020.

The Dixie Group
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Soft Surface:

EnVision66: Dixie Group is expanding its EnVision66 program across all three divisions. With introductions that span a broad range of price points, constructions and visuals, Dixie is expected to launch 15-20 styles using EnVision66 nylon in 2020.

TECHnique Collection by Fabrica: This is a unique collection of high-end styles which pair Fabrica’s Quality Without Compromise mantra with fashion sense. With a variety of visuals made with EnVision66 nylon and Strongwool yarn systems, Fabrica’s TECHnique Collection blends abstract patterns with elements of color and texture, perfectly layered into woven-like visuals. The collection creates a sensation of luxurious heirloom caliber textiles but are created to exacting details with state of the art engineering. Fabrica’s TECHnique Collection is sophisticated but subtle, traditional but fresh, timeless but completely current. The company will be introducing new Stainmaster and wool products as well. 

Hard Surface:

Dixie plans to make another strong push with TRUCOR SPC and TRUCOR Prime WPC and will also refresh its Fabrica wood program with new visuals and price points.

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At USFloors, the COREtech brand is focusing on creating products that bring a sense of authenticity and positivity to homes. With innovation and excitement, the brand is expanding its wood and stone lines.

“It’s really about striking a balance, but understanding the foundational products, like the originals that are in the Pro series,” said John Crews, director of product design. “But along with that, a few exciting new things that we plan on launching at the beginning of 2020 as well.”

A premium construction upgrade has been added to the originals line that will bring brightness, lightness and clarity of design that can work in various regions.

The COREtech stone platform is an area that allows the brand to exercise a lot of different design capabilities, and Crews says an even wider range of visuals and product types are on the horizon.

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As the industry continues to be impacted by volatility in the market caused by international trade/tariffs, impeachment hearings, and the election, Scott Humphrey, CEO of the Wood Floor Covering Association (WFCA), says the organization will step up its efforts to combine the industries’ voices to tackle the issues impacting success for professional flooring dealers in 2020.

Humphrey also foresees greater emphasis this year on tackling the industries greatest nemesis—the installation crisis. Consumers will continue differentiating their purchases and what they are willing to pay for natural products vs look-alikes, and in terms of trends, Humphrey expects to continued advances and market share growth in WPC/SPC/rigid core, and a greater focus on residential carpet tile.

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DriTac 8408 PowerTread: For glue-down and floating installations, 8408 PowerTread is premium-grade 8-mm rubber flooring for glue down and floating installations, available in roll or tile format. Engineered for high-impact sport s flooring, PowerTread is made from 100% post-consumer waste, affording the green community the best choice for eco-friendly sports flooring projects.

8801 CoverGuard: This hard-surface protective foam, provides scratch and dent protection for newly installed floors and surfaces to prevent damage from occurring during and after the installation process. CoverGuard is scored and breathable, allowing sub-surface moisture to pass through. It restricts surface spills and water spots on the top of the film surface, while resisting tears and punctures with a fused film layer.

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I4F is focusing on global flooring industry by offering cutting-edge technologies in the areas of locking, materials and panel composition, board and wall panels, surface finishing, digital printing and manufacturing.

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In store for TISE 2020 is the announcement of the 6th annual 6th Annual Worst Subfloor contest winners and a continued focus on technology. 

AP Rapid Plus: Schönox can be relied upon for everyday subfloor needs, providing several products for everyday to extreme installation needs like AP Rapid Plus which is a green, self-leveling, rapid-curing, groundbreaking synthetic gypsum subfloor product with hybrid active-dry technology. It goes over almost any type of interior substrate including concrete, cement, gypsum, old water-resistant residues, OSB, and plywood. It eliminates subfloor demolition in most cases, and best of all, it dries independent of climate conditions.