Metroflor Corporation’s targeted and strategic trend spotting approach to new product development has found expression in the launch of its Inception Reserve SPC, which will be available to Metroflor’s entire distributor network through a national program rolling out in Q1 of 2023.

Natalia Smith, Metroflor’s director of design, distribution and commercial, follows and identifies the macro trends: global events and attitudes that ultimately cause changes in lifestyle and interior style trends.

“One of the major shifts that we're seeing right now is Cozy Living: feeling very cocooned, safe, and content within our homes," Smith said. "We also see the idea of meaningful living becoming a new concept in interior design: We want to be better stewards of the planet and the people around us as well. Beyond seeking products that are sustainable, responsible, and safe, consumers increasingly seek manufacturers that embody those core stewardship values.”

“The trends Natalia identified in Spring 2022 have evolved, as all trends do, reflecting changes in consumer attitudes that are ultimately expressed in style and design," said Gary Keeble, vice president of marketing, Metroflor. "The fruits of this ongoing trend spotting are evident in the two designs in our new Inception Reserve collection: Wellness Oak and Family Oak reflect the evolving trends of Cozy Cottage and Farmhouse Natural.”

Wellness Oak 

Wellness Oak was inspired by the Cozy Cottage trend, which reflects the draw to simpler times and slower living expressed in rural pastoral settings, even if only within our city walls. Often utilizing family heirloom pieces and décor that has a lived-in aesthetic, the Cozy Cottage trend has us living casually, where nothing is too precious, and everyone is invited to kick back and relax. The 7” x 48” Wellness Oak planks feature a more relaxed, casual vibe with a milled and hewn wood design enhanced with saw marks and rustic character.

Family Oak

The Farmhouse Natural trend behind Family Oak has evolved since Spring 2022: It is now less traditional with a beautiful mix of modern, clean lines paired with warm whites to neutrals, and the warmth of natural toned wood. With this warming trend, there are more opportunities for browns and terra cotta tones, while black still offers a great punctuation to the space. Light neutral walls and large windows ensure that the space is not dark, but airy and comfortable. The sophisticated, rustic look in extra wide and long, 9” x 60” Family Oak planks reflects the prevailing Farmhouse Natural trend of cocooning, comfort, and safety with a more refined and subtle approach. 

Amazingly Realistic Texture

The art of Inception Reserve is the Amazingly Realistic Texture (ART) of the embossed-in-register (EIR) texture that gives the floors an appearance that is nearly indistinguishable from a natural wood floor. With EIR, the embossing follows the grain in the design and penetrates deeper to provide a more authentic visual. Both designs feature a 20-mil wear layer, 5.5 mm gauge, an attached, sound abating HDPE pad, and accent bevels on all 4 sides of the plank. Each design is available in six colors. 

Merchandising Display & Collateral

The Inception Reserve Showcase Display invites and draws in customers through a center console graphic that Metroflor’s premium EIR story and features QR codes for easy scan to view videos. The display provides the larger, oversized 20” x 27” samples sought after by consumers making purchasing decisions and feature a large room scene on the back of each sample to help the consumer visualize the floor in a larger room setting.  

Metroflor will also offer portable samples in the form of builder boards and an architect folder. Internet samples will be available at and on Material Bank.

Inception Reserve will be on display at 2023 TISE (Surfaces) at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Jan. 31 – Feb. 2 in Herregan Distributors booth 1211.

To obtain merchandising support, contact the Metroflor distributor in your region.