Brits reject white carpets over assumptions that they are impractical and dated, new research shows.

A survey carried out by carpet specialist United Carpets and Beds asked the UK public: ‘Would you have white carpets in your home?’

Almost three-quarters of respondents said that they would not, with 54% fearing that they would be impractical and a further 19.4% admitting that they considered white carpets to be dated.

Tahire Khan, head of ecommerce at United Carpets and Beds says, “Advancements in carpet technology mean that fibres are designed to be hard-wearing, easy clean and some models actively repel stains. This makes white a much more practical choice for any room in the home.”

The survey highlighted that 4% of households would consider white for a low traffic area of the home and 5% admitted that they considered a white carpet to be luxurious, indicating that they are still seen as a viable choice for the bedroom.

Households with pets and small children generally require easy-clean flooring and therefore wouldn’t consider white for these reasons—this highlighted by 7% who said they may otherwise consider a more luxurious option.

White carpets were particularly fashionable in the 1980s and were seen as a sign of wealth and luxury, particularly the ‘shag pile’ style. This stereotype is still observed by almost one-fifth of those surveyed who still consider white carpets to be dated.

Elizabeth Parker, interior designer and found of Parker Interiors, concludes: “White has seen a resurgence in recent years, however, modern styles are much more in-keeping with the minimalist, Scandinavian inspired look than eighties opulence.

“The secret to living with white is to use texture. Layering natural materials like wood and marble with soft furnishings like velvet and sheepskin will stop a white pallet from feeling soulless. And a good quality white carpet can transform a cold room into a cosy cocoon. As well as adding a certain edgy glamour.”

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