Almost half of people fitted carpet in their home for comfort, while only 2.7% chose this flooring to withstand wear and tear, according to research.

Carpet specialist United Carpets and Beds conducted a survey asking the UK public: ‘What is the primary reason you have carpet in your home?’

Over a third of respondents said it was for warmth and 46.6% had purchased carpet to provide comfort underfoot.

Tahire Khan, head of e-commerce at United Carpets and Beds, said: “Soft carpet is far more inviting and comfortable to walk on than cold hardwood flooring.

“If your house struggles to stay warm, a carpet with a thermal underlay can insulate your flooring and remove the need for underfloor heating. This can save energy and keep your home cosy during the winter months.”

‘To withstand wear and tear’ gained the lowest number of votes from respondents who had carpeted their home. However, previous research found that ‘ease of cleaning’ was a top consideration for 22% of people when buying a carpet.

Tahire added: “It’s inevitable that you’re going to spill something on your carpet but if you are aware of the correct cleaning methods, you can prevent stains leaving a permanent mark.”

Hoovering the carpet at least once a week and carrying out deep cleans twice a year can also maintain the quality for longer. A thick wool carpet is very resilient, easy to clean and can last up to 25 years.

“Hardwood flooring scratches easily and can show up any damage. Having floors refinished professionally to fix this can be extremely expensive. As well as regular hoovering, wooden floors also need to be mopped,” Tahire continued.

Nearly one in 10 people had chosen to fit carpets in their home because it looks nice.  

Tahire said: “Although hardwood flooring can look sleek and modern, carpet can suit a variety of interior styles as it’s available in any color and numerous patterns. This allows homeowners to either make a statement with their flooring or let their surrounding décor stand out by choosing an understated carpet.”

Less than 6.2% had carpeted their home to provide noise insulation. However, carpets can reduce the sound of walking and reduce echo, while walking across hardwood flooring can create annoying noise for neighbors.

Although comfort was found to be the biggest reason to have carpet in the home for many Brits, several other benefits should be considered.

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