On February 19, 2020, Invista announced that Anthony Green has taken on the role of Vice President of Global Commercial Solutions, as Kip Kimball moves on to a new role within Koch Industries Inc. Green will lead the Global Commercial Solutions portfolio, comprised of the Antron and Dacron branded businesses, along with our growing Recycle business, with a focus on transformative value creation to meet the needs of our customers and ever-changing markets.

“Anthony’s background in Commercial Development and his years as a Global Business leader with other highly specified businesses within the Invista fiber portfolio will be a great complement to the Antron business. Anthony will continue to drive transformation across the business with a focus on driving sustainable value for the customers and markets we serve.” said Maggie Bidlingmaier, vice president, surfaces at Invista. “As a global integrated producer of Nylon 6,6 intermediates, polymer and fiber, we remain committed to our integrated nylon 6,6 platform and the overall flooring market.”

Green has held several strategic leadership roles at Invista over the past 10 years. Most recently, as the leader of commercial development and finance functions for our Performance Solutions businesses, and previously as a business leader for our Performance & Protective Apparel business including time with both TECGEN and Cordura brands. Green began his career in Investment Banking and holds a Master’s degree in Economics from University of Colorado.

For more information, please contact us at or visit our web sites at antron.net, or invista.com.