The innovative Bellera collection will receive 10 new styles in 2020, along with updated merchandising and an enhanced emphasis on pets. Bellera is paws down: the best for pets, offering the beauty and durability pets and pet parents deserve with high-performance PETfiber, LifeGuard Spill-ProofBacking and R2X stain and soil resistance. The new styles include casual neutrals and patterns with natural and handmade-inspired visuals.

●Emergence: Modern style featuring patterns offering a rich textural harmony that is quietly beautiful.

●Calm Serenity I and II: Soft tonal styles that are simple, comfortable and functional-minimalism at its finest.

●Calm Simplicity I and II: A rich, contrasting fleck cut pile of casual neutrals that are never complicated. The inviting color palette offers zen inspired tones that will enhance the stillness of a space.

●Charming Transition and Soothing Surround: Simplistic yet sophisticated, Charming Transition features a small window pane pattern, and Soothing Surround features a basket weave pattern. These styles are balanced and visually organic with a handmade natural quality.

●Nature Within and Secret Passage: Soft tones inspired by natural contours, Nature Within features a tree bark pattern, while Secret Passage offers a small scale woven pattern offering a unique textural experience.

●Quiet Sanctuary: This style offers a heavy-handed softness that speaks to the Nordic trend of comfort and Hygge, inviting relaxation and a focus on living well.

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