As Anderson Tuftex prepared to enter its third year as an established brand, a new design theme emerged for 2020: ARTIFACT. Among found treasures, favorite pieces and curated keepsakes, the team found inspiration and incorporated it into the brand’s already expert craftsmanship and timeless design.

Three collections will be featured in 2020: Yin, Kindred and Terra. Each collection was once again curated to create different design aesthetics and offer consumers ideas on how they might mix and match different hardwoods and carpets in the home to create their corner of the world.

“Our designers this year were inspired by different artifacts and natural wonders of the world,” said Anderson Tuftex Director of Brand Strategy, Katie Ford. “From the Great Wall of China to talking knots in Peru and the Parícutin Volcano in Mexico, they really invested time into research to make sure the products we launched this year captured the essence of each location or artifact.”

A couple of the collections include new carpet styles featuring Stainmaster PetProtect carpet continuing last year’s goal of providing consumers with more well-designed pet-friendly options. Three new hardwoods will also be introduced focusing on the latest color palette trends the Anderson Tuftex design team has seen in the market.

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