Anderson Tuftex, premium residential carpet, hardwood and rug brand of Shaw Industries Group, Inc., has announced its 2022 Pet Perfect+ carpet introductions, featuring elevated styles and unbeatable performance. These new summer launches add to the extensive pet friendly offerings of ultra-durable, easy to clean carpets. Refined visuals create natural textures while plush piles provide endless comfort, providing style, performance and comfort.

“These 2022 Pet Perfect + additions offer an elevated selection of features and patterns to bring a bold sense of self and character to the home,” said Christin Clifford, category manager for Anderson Tuftex. “With features such as our LifeGuard Spill-Proof Technology that protects from spills and odor-causing accidents and R2X fiber coatings that makes cleaning a breeze, Pet Perfect+ carpets help to eliminate worries and save meaningful time and energy!”

Pet Perfect+ carpets provide timeless style, total comfort and peace of mind. Whether customers prefer a bold pattern or a more subtle statement, Pet Perfect offers a wide variety of styles and patterns that come with industry-leading warranties covering all pet stains so that both consumers and pets are protected!

New 2022 styles include: 

  • A beautifully imperfect linear design gives Knickknack a distinct yet subtle etched appearance. 53.60 oz | 12 colors
  • Fancy That is a soft and textural with influences of natural stone come to life in this uniquely organic motif. 53.60 oz | 12 colors
  • Gentle waves dance along Chit Chat carpet, bringing a calming and relaxing aura to any space. This product truly represents an easy sense of style. 35.10 oz | 12 colors
  • Sneak Peak is reminiscent of the Bauhaus movement, the abstract geometric design of Sneak Peek has a stylish modern aesthetic. 35.10 oz | 12 colors

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