At the onset of 2020, ProKnee made the decision to pass off retail sales, formerly sold direct from their website, to further expand their growing supply chain. After 30 years of manufacturing the ProKnee brand of kneepads and associated products, they are expanding their sales on a greater global scale. This initiative influenced the decision to bring on Floormart LTD. as ProKnee’s exclusive distributor of the UK. ProKnee says customers have been asking where they can find their products in the UK. Now they have a place they can confidently send professional tradesmen & women to purchase locally in their country. Floormart offers an online buying experience, which ProKnee felt was an important option for their customers. In making this transition, the new ProKnee website has become an information-based portal for customers to learn more about their products, connect to existing distribution partners as well as find out about exciting, new product releases.

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