RollMaster Software just launched its most recent integration, partnering with Creating Your Space, to roll out the Digital Marketing Hub application. This product essentially alleviates some of the marketing heavy-lifting for busy flooring dealers, or for those not as well-versed in how to utilize digital marketing, at a fraction of the cost of hiring an agency or full-time employee.

Kelly Oechslin, Product Marketing Manager for RollMaster,said the following, “We have invested heavily in finding the type of integrations that make the most sense for our customer base. These integrations are solving a lot of issues and freeing up a tremendous amount of time for our dealers, who really just want to sell flooring and grow their businesses.” 

The basis of the application is to deliver high-level marketing processes to flooring dealers with minimal effort on their part. Using the Digital Marketing Hub, they’ll be able to send professional looking, predesigned emails and text messages personalized to their business. As part of the service, an entire campaign is designed and created by marketing professionals at Creating Your Space. Once that’s complete, their RollMaster Software system initiates the sending of the marketing messages during daily processing for everything from installation reminders via text to post sales follow up emails with custom coupons based on previous sales.

Another level of professional services from the Digital Marketing Hub includes Online Reviews and Reputation Management. Customers are automatically prompted to leave reviews on social media, which is a great way to build an online presence for dealers who previously were almost invisible online. And, the dealer maintains control of the reviews. They also receive notifications when their business is mentioned online.