Dear Customers and Friends,


By now most everyone is hopefully aware of the health risk and economic uncertainty caused by the global health crisis. As we all know, our industry faces unprecedented challenges in the days ahead. In no time, we have transitioned from the vibrancy and enthusiasm of the Surfaces TISE and World of Concrete trade shows to an unknown, questionable situation caused by COVID-19. Just a few days ago, I was in Las Vegas conducting normal business while just last night the entire Vegas hospitality world was shut down for more than a month. As you are making plans and taking measures for your company, employees, and coworkers, please know that we are taking steps to keep people safe and doors open.

WHAT ARE WE DOING? A LOT! Our factories are manufacturing products and ensuring no disruptions in availability. Our staff are training and being trained – getting better and smarter. We are organizing and getting ready. This time will pass. We are supplying ongoing customer needs and preparing for the coming upswing in project tempo when we are on the other side. Together, we will get there!

AND? Keep in mind we are available to help with projects, technical information, and support. If you want to see us, we’re a call away, but we won’t show up unannounced as we are respecting customer desires to limit in-person interactions. You know this is a little painful for us at Schönox. Our focus is in the field working side-by-side with you. So, invite us on a job site and we promise to keep our distance or send us photos of your subfloor challenges knowing we would like nothing more than talking through the best solutions together.

We are open for business, and always available to you. We are In It and Ön It with you.


Best regards,

Thomas Trissl


HPS Schönox