Brintons, luxury woven carpets in the hospitality industry, introduces a new flooring kit positioned for guest rooms.

Brintons has provided wool rich woven floor coverings including – hand tufted rugs, Axminster broadloom, bound Axminster rugs, Axminster carpet tiles and Wilton broadloom – since 1783.

The Brintons Guest Room Kit includes the following products – custom hand tufted rugs, Axminster broadloom and rugs, cut and loop Wilton and machine tufted carpets.

Hand Tufted Rugs
The Brintons hand tufted rug program has a unique ability to make a beautiful floor covering no matter what your design requirement or specification. The actual manufacturing process of your rug starts with 100 percent wool yarn. Meanwhile, a traditional cloth backing material is cut to size and stretched over a horizontal frame – ready for the tufting craftsman to begin creating your rug.

A Brintons hand tufted rug can be finished with a variety of design elements – cut and loop constructions to add texture, pops of various yarn types for contrast, shearing to maintain uniform thickness and even hand carving to emphasize design lines.

Axminster Broadloom & Rugs
Tried and true, an Axminster broadloom carpet for your guest room provides the warmth of a soft finish and the promise of a blank canvas.With Brintons High Definition Weave capability, designers may choose up to 32 colors to create the cozy wool rich flooring masterpiece of their guests’ dreams.

The recent rise in hard surface flooring for guest rooms can leave little freedom for self-expression, however designers may use custom Axminster rugs to weave décor elements into a cohesive whole. Unrivaled pattern versatility allows for a custom Axminster rug to be transformative; by making a bold statement or simply adding an acoustic layer to a space that deserves tranquility.

“With the growth of LVT in hospitality we have seen an increase for loose laid guestroom rugs. One of the challenges with rugs in any environment is stability. Our Axminster rugs now come with an attached non-slip pad which will provide comfort under foot and also aid in eliminating movement of the rug.” explains Vice President of Operations, Johnny Massey.

Housed in the Brintons Poland facility are specialized looms created with rug finishing in mind. Brintons rug binding solution offers over 40 colors of cotton binding tape to perfectly edge finish custom Axminster rugs.

Improve installation times, reduce overhead costs and warm up a space by adding a factory finished Brintons Axminster rug with attached non-slip felt backing to the guest room floor.

100% Loop + Cut & Loop Wilton
Plush all loop or cut and loop woven Wilton elevates guest experience with luxurious texture rich guest room carpeting underfoot.These sophisticated textured options hide stains and provide a much-needed warmth to minimal contemporary interiors.

Brintons custom woven Wilton carpets are created on face to face looms, in combinations of two or three colors selected from the over 500 tufts in the company’s standard offering. Designers can harness harmony by repeating geometric and organic design elements from corridor patterns or bring the outdoors in with traditional florals and meandering botanical designs.

Brintons 100 percent wool Wilton allows designers to incorporate dynamic effects in high-quality guestroom flooring, offering unparalleled dimension and irresistible tactility.

Machine Tufted
Brintons machine-tufted carpets are created when 100 percent solution dyed yarns are punched through a primary backing by a series of needles.This tufted substrate is then adhered to a secondary backing with premium latex adhesives to create the finished carpet.

The Brintons Guest Room Kit provides access to two different tufting technologies catering to different applications and budgets.

ColorPoint tufting technology allows for precise line work, complex textures and larger repeats using up to six different colors of cut or loop where Infinity tufting technology creates elegant patterns and controlled textures in combinations of two or three colors.

A Brintons machine-tufted carpet marries the allure of cut and loop texture with the strength of 100 percent solution dyed nylon yarn produced in the USA - perfect for guest rooms.

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