Mannington Commercial announces they have established a hotline to assist with FEMA Contractors and related service providers to ensure the availability of resilient sheet products for use in temporary care facilities. US manufactured first and second quality, those with visual imperfections, products are available for the immediate needs of these new healthcare facilities.

Due to the continuing concerns, action and precautions surrounding the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, Mannington Commercial is making certain that proper flooring material that aids in infection control, cleanability and slip resistance is available for this ever-changing situation. In addition, this material can be installed temporarily with a tape system allowing installation to be quick so that these facilities can be outfitted and used more readily. Material seams can either be chemically welded or heat welded to create a floor that meets stringent infection control guidelines.

Mannington Commercial continues to explore every possibility to support our community as we respond to COVID-19. For additional information on this program please forward your inquiries to: Visit to learn more.