Mannington Commercial delivered more than 12,700 square yards of heterogenous resilient sheet flooring to the SUNY College Old Westbury campus in New York to be installed in one of the latest US Army Corps of Engineers temporary healthcare facilities this week. Mannington was able to provide stock specifications, arrange logistics and ship the first 2,700 square yards going in over the University’s existing gymnasium flooring just one day after receiving the inquiry. An additional 10,000 square yards were shipped just one week later to be installed in an all new temporary care facility on the campus.

The gymnasium installation presented a unique set of challenges as the material could not be glued down and had to meet stringent infection control guidelines for healthcare flooring. A heterogeneous resilient sheet was chosen for the project and installed using a temporary tape system. A 12’ roll width was chosen to mitigate the number of seams that had to be heat welded throughout the facility and cut down on overall installation time.

Mannington would like to thank the installation company that helped, Consolidated Carpet and the distributor, Salesmaster. 

Mannington Commercial is making certain that proper flooring material that aids in infection control, cleanability and slip resistance is available for this ever-evolving healthcare crisis. With 7 million square feet of resilient sheet in inventory and the ability to produce up to 1 million square feet a week domestically, Mannington continues to explore every possibility to support our communities as we respond to COVID-19. For additional information on our healthcare flooring solutions forward your inquiries to:

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