Scott Coll was working a job at Sears department store during a college summer break when contractors turned up one day to install new flooring in the store. Short-handed, they offered him an extra $2 an hour to join the crew. 

For the next seven years, Coll worked as an installer, where he took pride in zero punch work and perfected the art of making invisible seams. He later advanced to an estimator and project manager. 

In 1999, with little more than his skills in quality workmanship, excellent communication, and meticulous customer service, Coll started Commercial Flooring Systems (CFS). His office was a shed in his backyard where he ran a line through the trees to have phone and fax access. 

In the years since, CFS has evolved into the go-to commercial flooring contractor in Central Texas. 

“My philosophy throughout my career, and into running my own company, has been this: If you’re doing the right thing for the customer even in the toughest moments, their appreciation and gratitude is priceless,” Coll said. 

With more than $200 million in projects, CFS serves a range of vertical markets, including hospitality, education, corporate and historic sites. From the design phase through installation, CFS is a respected partner among contractors, architects, construction professionals, real estate entities, and facility managers. 

Today, CFS’ state-of-the-art Austin-based facility is located just minutes from downtown and welcomes anyone in need of material selection services. The company has successfully managed more than 60 million square feet of commercial flooring projects, and the business has offered a platform for others to grow and develop rewarding careers. 

With more than 25 years of experience in the general contracting and subcontracting industry, COO Terri Parker utilizes her expertise to make sure projects are on time and on budget. Dan Turnstall, vice president of sales, is the point of contact for all the interior designers and other product specifiers in the industry. His innovation and resourcefulness help designers create solutions that keep projects on budget.

Coll and his team aim to leave each client completely satisfied with every aspect of their experience through reliability, consistency, and loyalty. 

“Even in this tight market, labor is one of our lower concerns,” Coll said. “Our installers have been with us for 17 years. Having started out my flooring career in the field, I understand the need to make sure our installers are empowered to do their jobs, and that they have what they need to be successful and stay motivated. We’re a united front.”

Relentless in his pursuit of customer satisfaction, Coll looks forward to creating customized solutions that meet the client’s objectives. 

“My customers are my friends, and they know that I will do anything for them. My friends are building this beautiful city,” said Coll. “The greatest reward is to walk into a room or around town with your head high knowing that you battled for the right thing always, knowing that the smiling faces and extended hands appreciate what you did for them every day, specifically in the tough moments when they needed you and knew they could count on you.”