Armstrong Flooring is rushing products to healthcare expansion projects, supporting efforts to increase capacity to handle the expected influx of patients due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve been receiving orders for flooring needed in temporary field hospitals, to accelerate construction projects, and to rapidly bring vacant space back into service,” said Brent Flaharty, senior vice president and chief customer experience officer. “Our team is expediting orders, working to help outfit these spaces to support the work of the doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals who are on the front lines fighting this pandemic.”

Armstrong Flooring has more than 10 million square feet of commercial sheet in stock, and many orders are shipping within 24 hours – either from the company’s warehouses or from its distributor partners.

Armstrong Flooring is prioritizing inventory to address critical needs and is offering significant discounts on discontinued commercial sheet inventory. Team members have been providing technical support for installation over a variety of temporary subfloor materials.

Many of the initial projects have been to expand healthcare capacity in the metropolitan New York and New Jersey areas, although there are needs throughout the country and the world. Shortly after the coronavirus outbreak began in China, Armstrong Flooring supplied flooring for two of the emergency hospitals in Wuhan that were built within 10 days.

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