Interface’s Chief Sustainability Officer Erin Meezan will lead the Earth Day session at Conscious Capitalism’s Expanded Virtual Conference addressing “How to Create a Sustainability Approach that Endures.” Meezan’s webinar will take place at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, April 22, in tandem with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action, providing an appropriate backdrop as Meezan brings to life Interface’s 25-year journey to carbon neutrality and future endeavors to become carbon negative. Ideally, the session will encourage other companies and industries to view climate change with optimism and believe in our collective ability to reverse global warming.

Meezan aims to provide attendees with a framework for changing business to change the world and will share key learnings identified in Interface’s “Lessons for the Future” report, which details the roadmap other companies can follow in pursuit of sustainability initiatives. Additionally, Meezan will review essential steps for creating change within any organization at any level as well as a blueprint for how we can all transform our shared future.

With this session, Meezan will demonstrate how Interface transitioned to a multi-stakeholder model, focusing equally on customers, employees, investors and the environment while transforming its supply chain, products and operations to reduce the negative impacts of its business.

Meezan will also highlight the importance of connecting employees to a company’s sustainability goals, illustrating the need for a mission-centered culture in light of the coronavirus outbreak and why it is vital to give employees a sense of purpose despite the unknowns associated with current events. 

The session will close with a discussion of the company’s future sustainability focus and its Climate Take Back mission, which aims to reverse global warming and create a climate fit for life. Meezan will touch on the process, goals and projects Interface is pursuing to have a lasting positive impact on the environment.

Upon completion of the webinar, session attendees will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of viewing climate change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle, and of switching your focus from “limiting the damage” to reversing global warming.
  • Outline a framework for changing business to change the world, including key lessons for creating change within your own organization.
  • Describe the importance of creating a mission-centered culture to give employees a sense of purpose, especially in light of the current global pandemic.
  • Define the multi-stakeholder model and the importance of focusing on customers, employees, investors and the environment to transform our shared future.

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