Metroflor Corporation’s latest Metroflor LVT collection - Metroforms with Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology - is now available to explore online at Licensed from Magnetic Building Solutions (MBS), the new Attraxion-branded LVT enables the rapid installation of flooring by creating a magnetic attachment utilizing MBS' MagneBuild magnetic underlayment and eliminating the need for locking systems or adhesives. Metroforms couples the benefits of Metroflor LVT with the Attraxion system -- installation speed, indoor air quality, performance and safety -- with the ability to add a wide range of pre-cut shapes to achieve custom looks.

The innovative patterns offer endless design flexibility. Complex layouts such as starbursts, chevrons and basketweaves are faster and easier to install than any other method. Metroflor’s Déjà New LVT provides the palette and the foundation for Metroforms with 10 patterns and 38 colorways in an array of visuals ranging from wood and concrete to textiles.

The Attraxion magnetic installation technology eliminates adhesive-related VOCs and the need for cutting patterned floors on-site with power tools and resulting dust, as well as reducing labor costs because it’s two-times faster than installing gluedown LVT.

The MagneBuild underlayment adds additional value by providing built-in solutions to key flooring concerns and can be dual purposed as a moisture barrier (by taping underlayment seams) and as a crack suppression membrane. Metroforms are easily removed and repaired if needed. Subsequent installations only require Attraxion flooring as the MagneBuild magnetic underlayment can be reused for multiple installations without degrading its magnetic properties. The Attraxion system helps to address the installer shortage by reducing the labor skillset and need for expensive tools. Attraxion’s speed of installation also enables Metroforms installers to install more floors in a day compared to traditional gluedown methods, while also allowing for more custom designs than other floating floors.

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