Sit back, relax and travel first class into the future on Spaceship Youmo. Roughly translated, “youmo” is the Chinese word for “humor”, and through the use of texture and technology, celebrity designer and television host Jennifer Farrell of Jennifer Farrell Design created a feeling of joy that appealed to several senses in this TISE Style Hub at the DISH pod.

“The concept is that lighting can be playful,” Farrell explained. “Technology can be here to make us feel good. So that as we are flying into the future in Spaceship Youmo, we are doing it with a smile on our face.”

In this clean, bright, ultra-minimalist space, Farrell replaced hard edges with modern organic shapes. When met with Shaw Floors’ Rhythm in Hip Hop, light bounced off of the 3D tile, illuminating the space in a playful way, just as Farrell intended.

Using an on-trend color pallet of intensified pastels, Farrell strategically placed Classic Blue—a design favorite and Pantone’s Color of the Year—on the pod’s ceiling for a pleasurable effect. “If you look up, it puts a smile on your face.”

As we know, technology will hold a significant place in the future, but Farrell says it can be used to make us feel good, rather than leaving us feeling cold and isolated. Demonstrating how that can apply to interior design, Farrell created an LED accent wall that brilliantly enhanced the mood of the moment within the pod with each image change.