Boho chic meets luxe glam in Glam Bazaar, a trending interior design style forecasted by Jennifer Farrell of Los Angeles-based Jennifer Farrell Designs. In Glam Bazaar, bohemia is elevated to a state of grandeur.

“We have this very exotic Moorish and Marrakesh-inspired feel,” Farrell described. “It’s as though we are in a sun-bleached desert caravan, and we are the sultans.”

To set the scene, showcased at the Style Hub at the DISH pod during The International Surface Event, Farrell paired jute, rope and tan woven materials with gold and crystals for an added dash of luxe and sparkle.

For the color pallet, she turned to deeper hues in a range she’s dubbed “sun-bleached spice market”. “Millennial Pink has been popular for the past few years, but now we are going to see that deepened as though it’s aged in the sun.”

Applying these colors throughout, on the floor, the Anderson Tuftex Kensington collection in Queen’s Gate was an ideal choice to compliment the pod’s textural richness and woven materials, and drawing eyes to a focal point, Farrell placed an Iris US onyx-inspired porcelain slab in a deep rose hue on the center wall. Tying everything together, the warm, intricate patterns found in Shaw’s Islander were the finishing pieces to this display of opulent desert fantasy.