CCA Global Partners announced during a virtual meeting with members that they will enhance and expand their current Healthier Living Installation System in a new program named Neutralize. The installation process destroys viruses and other contaminants before, during and after a flooring installation.

“Our belief is that our customers’ homes should be the safest place in the world,” shares Frank Chiera, SVP of marketing and advertising, Flooring America/Flooring Canada, The Floor Trader, and International Design Guild. “We believe that through Neutralize, we can help ease our customers’ minds about viruses and other contaminants in the home.”

Healthier Living Installation has been a differentiator for Carpet One Floor & Home for over nine years. Updating and expanding this program was already in the works prior to COVID-19. In light of increasing health concerns, the CCA team felt that making the new program available for all CCA flooring groups was increasingly urgent.

“Neutralize speaks to what the program does—it kills viruses and other contaminants dead in their tracks,” Chiera said. 

The process developed by CCA eliminates 99.9% of viruses, including COVID-19, and includes a treatment that kills any contaminants already in the home and also protects the floor after the installation with an antimicrobial treatment.

“Our members will have everything they need to make this program successful,” said Nicole Harding, vice president of CCA University, “Our starter kit includes all the materials members need to get started, and our training will ensure that everyone from members to sales pros and installers can confidently execute this program.”

CCA has developed a new certification program to support the Neutralize system. Certified Neutralize Technicians will have thorough training to be able to provide this peace of mind to customers.

SVP of Marketing for Carpet One Floor & Home, Bevin Andrews shared how Carpet One Floor & Home will be supporting the new installation program with new marketing assets, national advertising and public relations.

For the CCA companies rolling out this program for the first time, Chiera shared that they will also be provided a full suite of creative assets.

In addition to the Neutralize system developed for residential applications, CCA has also developed Neutralize Pro for commercial applications.

The Neutralize program is ready for CCA members to order now and will be officially launching in stores at the beginning of August.

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